Dear Lodge Members/Staff,

What a great, great job we all did in hosting our annual Dixie Fellowship
last month at Camp Ho Non Wah!  Everyone performed cooperatively, without
injury even in the midst of Friday’s downpours!  And to top it all – the
show went on!  Thanks to the efforts of many folks especially our great
Shows staff!!!

In recognition of your service, there will be a special luncheon during next
Saturday’s Spring Fellowship on Saturday at 12:30 p.m.  We hope you can be
present as we celebrate our great work in cheerfulness, brotherhood and

Planning Committee Chairs and Advisers will be especially recognized so you
will really want to be present.

Thanks again greatly for your interest and efforts for our hosting of this
year’s Conclave!  See you next Saturday!


Edward Leber, Patrick Meyerink, Daniel Barton and David Surrett, Dixie
Fellowship Key Four

Cellular Telephone:  843.607.3399

PS….If you have any files, papers, flash drives, etc. which would be
helpful to send to next year’s host lodge, Santee, then please bring them
Saturday and mark them clearly for the packet of materials we are preparing
for our brothers in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand!  I think one of the
Advisers has some sort of connection to them and maybe a former Lodge Chief