The Publications Committee is responsible for publishing the lodge newsletter, “The Spirit of UN A LI’YI.” The lodge newsletter is published in four (4) issues every year. Each issue is released just before a function. The lodge newsletter is one of the primary methods of communication within the lodge. The Publications Committee also helps produce the lodge planbook. The lodge planbook is a comprehensive guide to the lodge and its operation. It features the lodge Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures, and other important information concerning lodge operations. It also gives an explanation of various important symbols and components of the Order of the Arrow.

The Publications Committee is a very important committee for Brothers to participate it. The newsletter is an important method of communicating with members of the lodge. It features articles submitted by Brothers within the lodge. These articles can contain information about what each committee is doing, summer camp at Ho Non Wah, future activities, past activities, important announcements, and many other topics. You do not have to be an excellent writer to contribute to the newsletter either. Members of the committee also submit pictures of various activities to go with articles. If there is an article you wish to see in the newsletter or would like to contribute, email the Publications Chairman!

If you are interested in joining the Publications Committee, please contact the Publications Committee Advisor.